Welcome to inHarmony Tech & Computer Solutions – thanks for stopping by! We are a solutions based tech and computer company based in Ponoka, AB – serving Central Alberta from Red Deer through to Wetaskiwin and beyond. From setting up your Smartphone to setting up your server – we have the expertise to do it all.

inHarmony Tech & Computer Solutions brings a non-corporate, non-geek (sorry geeks – we love you, but we just don’t understand you), solution to your every day technology problems.  Stores don’t want to give you solutions – they want to sell you products!  We can provide the product or you can – it’s our job to make sure its the right product for you and to get it working right.

We are a technology company, and we love what we do.  It’s who we are.  We’ve used it, broken it, and fixed it (how else will you learn?).  We take pride in providing you with the solution that best fits your situation and lifestyle.  We have no brand preferences (we’ve had our issues with all of them – including you – Apple!) and simply want to help you make your technology make your life better.

Our goal is to utilize our experience to assist you with your technology needs.  That’s it… no smoke and mirrors here!  Whether in your home or at your place of business, you rely on networking, smartphones, computers, media players, printers, servers, cloud computing, etc (and every day there is more) to all work together so you can save time, do your work, and play as well.  It’s hard to ignore technology these days – so you may as well have it work with you and not against you!

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